I’ve been living in Ireland for two and a half years. My husband’s dream job partly influenced our decision to choose Dublin as our new home. Moving over 1,600 km away from my hometown was one of the most difficult decisions in my life. 

Dublin, Ireland

I can now say out loud (and it wasn’t so obvious to me at the start ;-)) that it was a good move. Especially because I met a bunch of great women who inspire me every day. 

One of them was Magda Kuraczowska, who I met about a year ago at my first Women Who Cowork Meetup in Mind The Step, a cosy café in town. Magda was part of building something brilliant and from the moment I met her, I knew I had just joined the most inspirational community I was ever part of.

I’ve been working 100% remotely for almost 2 years. And, to be completely honest, it’s not always as cool as it might seem. I face many daily challenges: loneliness, alienation, and no sense of belonging are just a few of them. Despite the fact that we don’t have much choice at the moment (which is obviously frustrating), it’s worth appreciating that some of us are lucky to have the opportunity to work remotely. 

Co working space

As we all face this crisis worldwide, I’d like to share with you some tips on how I work from home and remain myself. 

These are my personal tips, and they may not all be useful depending on your circumstances.

My top tip is a very general tip: free your emotions, share them and try to switch off the “temporary mindset”. Be here, now. 

  1. Be comfortable – set up your home office and take care of it, and pick your favourite mug!
  2. Start your day with a 15 min activity that you enjoy doing: yoga, meditation, any ritual or physical activity that frees your mind.
  3. Get an early start. I usually start at 8:00 AM so I have time to exercise in the afternoon and read a book (see #10 below). 
  4. Get ready like you would if you were going to the office. I follow a little beauty ritual and put on a fresh top (almost) every day 😉
  5. Find a coworking buddy. You can also join virtual coworking sessions! Stay tuned for more info on that soon. 
  6. Drink a glass of water every hour and take small, but frequent, breaks.
  7. Plan your lunch in advance, cook the day before.
  8. Schedule some quality after-work entertainment (for now, options are home-based).
  9. Sleep or shut down your computer to mark the end of your working day, and change focus (e.g.: start reading a book, go for a walk, watch a movie). 
  10. Read a few pages of a book in the afternoon. A half-hour read helps me with anxiety. I can highly recommend:
    1. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie
    2. And Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast by Caroline Foran (available on Spotify)

I also walk a lot (10K min a day), ideally during daylight (obviously this is tricky at the moment). While walking, I listen to music, podcasts, or call my family and friends.

Those are my tips on how to work from home, what are yours? Please share! 

P.S. Alexa is cool (and she can talk, A LOT) 😀

Ola Niechcial

Ola is always on fire with a big smile on her face and a #stay_positive attitude. She currently lives in Dublin, where she has become even more passionate about the future of the remote workforce. Her great passion for storytelling, branding and communications has guided her to become an Employer Brand Team Leader at Netguru — a remote-first digital consultancy. Ola can't wait to cowork with you all!

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