What started as a 6-month adventure abroad to study English became something a little more permanent. Dublin opened its doors to me and became my new home. 

My name is Francy and this is my story. 

Almost 7 years ago, I moved to this beautiful island from San Cristobal in Venezuela, where I was born, grew up and graduated as an IT engineer before starting my journey in tech…

When people ask me why I chose to move to Ireland, I cannot help but feel that Ireland actually chose me. When I decided that I wanted to go abroad to study English, my first option was the USA… but my student visa wasn’t approved and I still remember how upset I was about it. 

A couple of days later, a friend of mine who was studying in Ireland told me how easy it was to get a student visa here, and without thinking about it twice, I changed my plans and started looking for language schools in Dublin.

After a few months living in Dublin, I fell in love with this beautiful island and the European lifestyle and decided that I wanted to stay longer, but how was I going to stay here without a work permit? I got lucky and found a job in a company ready to sponsor my visa.

Kerry, Ireland

I was so grateful for this opportunity, I had a home, I had friends but I couldn’t help feeling that I was missing something. I wanted to work in a different line of work which would be more aligned with my values, I wanted to meet like-minded people who shared my interests. More importantly, I wanted to be part of a community.

The only way to achieve this was to leave my comfort zone, to confront my fears, and embark on a journey of discovery. I started attending events tailored for entrepreneurs and met people who shared my interests. I was ecstatic, I truly felt I was on the right path.

One of those events was a workshop called “I am remarkable”. I have to confess I was a bit afraid to go, but as soon as I arrived I really felt welcomed by the workshop facilitators. This is how I first met Magda (co-founder of Women Co). I really felt supported, Magda has the power and raw energy that help other women shine. I remember thinking to myself “I want to be her friend”.

A few weeks later, I came across a meetup group called Women Co, a coworking community with an emphasis on connection, support, and education. A community that strives to provide women with a safe space to cowork, collaborate, network and learn from each other. 

When I saw that one of the organizers was Magda, I joined the meetup group straight away, not quite knowing what I wanted to do yet, but after meeting other women in the group I felt inspired, and empowered. It strengthened my decision to become a freelancer, I realised what was in it for me, and what I needed support with.

A few months later, I was chatting with Magda, she was trying to give Women Co a boost, and we talked about designing a new website to better connect the community. I just loved the idea and said I would love to do it. And this is how I became part of the Women Co team… I received so much support that I wanted the opportunity to give back to the community and help build more awareness about this amazing initiative.

I want to keep meeting like-minded women and help them to believe in their dreams and this is possible when we all come together to help each other.

I can’t wait to hear from you, to learn about your dreams and find the best way to support you.

Drop by at one of our events and say hello, connect with me here or on my social media, I look forward to meeting you soon!

Francy Sanchez

Francy is an IT Engineer and Digital Marketing professional who assist small businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to be successful online. Her creativity thrives in a multicultural environment surrounded by people with innovative ideas. Her ideal work environment is one that is inspiring, collaborative and ambitious as she is very passionate about empowering people to do what they love. She loves to travel and to connect with people around the world and she is on a mission to share dreams and to help and to support others to build their dreams. She believes that we all should have a balanced work lifestyle and have the freedom to work from everywhere as this gives the opportunity to connect with other people, to collaborate and to create new amazing things.


Skatox · May 8, 2020 at 8:00 pm

Nice story! I had the opportunity to study with her at the university. I’m happy to see what she has accomplished in the past years.

Congrats Francy!

    Francy Sanchez · May 9, 2020 at 9:54 am

    Miguel, thank you so much, I really appreciate this comment.

    I hope to see you soon again 🙂

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