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Women Co is a female-focused coworking community that strives to provide women with a safe space to cowork and engage with one another.

We meet at least once a month, in person or virtually, in Dublin and all over Ireland, and bring together women who want to connect, cowork and contribute to each other’s successes.

At Women Co, we want to create the most supportive network possible and help build more connected and inclusive coworking communities. We believe coworking spaces need diversity, and as the coworking model is still fairly new in Ireland, we want to actively contribute to shaping it, creating equal opportunities for entrepreneurial women and female founders. 

Our purpose is to connect, find support and inspiration, collaborate, share skills and knowledge, and incubate ideas.

Our mission is to build a tight-knit community and develop a solid platform for strong female leaders and change-makers who want to cowork. 

We fulfill our mission through:

– Female-focused coworking days hosted in coworking spaces and hubs around Ireland.

– Coffee coworking pop-ups or jelly sessions at the friendliest cosiest café or pub in your city, town or village…

– Connecting events, such as informal networking or socialising opportunities, from discussing books that have inspired us to going on hikes together.

– Mastermind sessions to share skills or contribute experiences.


This is your opportunity to connect with other women in a safe space. We chat, share ideas, offer tips and support, or simply relax and enjoy the company of like-minded women.

While we encourage anyone to share personal or professional projects, we also want participants to share any challenges and opportunities they may face in their industry to receive advice, support and encouragement from the community.

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From informal coworking sessions in your local café to full coworking days in one of the many coworking spaces or hubs in Ireland, we cowork for a couple of hours or the entire day. Each encounter has a specific dynamic and focus to it.

These female-focused coworking opportunities allow us to be open and candid in a supportive setting, while working and networking.

For a full list of upcoming events, check out our Events page.


You all have something valuable to share with the community. We provide a space for women to discuss hot topics in their areas of expertise, to offer training or simply share an inspiring talk that may help others in their professional or personal journey. 

This sharing exercise has a direct impact on both the community and the speaker, who will be able to practice their presentation skills in a safe space, free of judgement. 

Would you like to suggest a topic or become a presenter? Contact us!

Meet the Team

Magdalena Kuraczowska

Magdalena is an experienced business and digital marketing strategist, who empowers female entrepreneurs to shine and thrive online with their brands.

She is a business mentor and women in tech connector, also known as a great community builder when she worked as Community & Operations manager at Fumbally Exchange, an award-winning collaborative movement of entrepreneurs, where she gained an excellent understanding of coworking life and shared-space management.
Today she is on a mission to inspire others through the power of collaboration, as a driven force of innovation and inclusion in entrepreneurial communities.

Magda is also Diversity and Inclusion in Business Ambassador for DiverseIn, International mentor for #LadyUp programme, women in tech mentor, Ambassador and Trained Facilitator of Google’s programme #IamRemarkable

Francy Sanchez

Francy is an IT Engineer and Digital Marketing professional who assists small businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to be successful online. Her creativity thrives in a multicultural environment surrounded by people with innovative ideas.

Her ideal work environment is one that is inspiring, collaborative and ambitious as she is very passionate about empowering people to do what they love.

She loves to travel and to connect with people around the world and she is on a mission to share dreams and to help and to support others to build their dreams.
She believes that we all should have a balanced work lifestyle and have the freedom to work from everywhere as this gives the opportunity to connect with other people, to collaborate and to create new amazing things.

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